Mainland Headwear Holdings:

List of Directors and Their Role and Function

The members of the board of Directors (“Board”) of Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited are set out below.

Executive Directors

Mr. Ngan Hei Keung (Chairman)

Madam Ngan Po Ling, Pauline, BBS, JP (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director)

Mr. James S. Patterson

Mr. Ngan Siu Hon, Alexander

Mr. Lai Man Sing (Chief Financial Officer)

Mr. Andrew Ngan

Independent Non-executive Directors

Mr. Gordon Ng

Mr. Cheung Tei Sing, Jamie

Mr. Li Yinquan

There are three Board committees. The table below provides membership information of these committees on which each Board member serves.

Notes: C Chairman of the relevant Board committees M Member of the relevant Board committees

Hong Kong, 4 January 2023